about us

Zahara Women Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Organization whose work is based on the premise that women’s rights are human rights and violence against women is a human rights violation and not a private matter. We believe every woman has a right to live a life free from discrimination and violence and we aim to make gender-based violence and discrimination a political issue, relevant to all.


At Zahara Women Foundation, our focus is to provide support to immigrant and racialized women in the City of Ottawa experiencing domestic violence and to promote economic empowerment for women living in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa.


The elimination of gender based violence and achieving social and economic equality for immigrant and racialized women.

our work

Immigrant Women Domestic Violence Resource Center

Providing a safe resource Center for immigrant and racialized women experiencing domestic violence in the Ottawa region of Canada.

Women Economic Empowerment

  • Support and promote economy empowerment for women in the Sub-Saharan Africa as gender inequality remains an issue in this region due to cultural norms that aggravates favouritism towards males